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How to Choose the Right Luxury Watch

Purchasing your first luxury timepiece is a special thing. Any timepiece is an accessory unlike any other, you wear it on your wrist every day and after some time it becomes a part of you. There are some people who prefer wearing their watches at all times. Superior precision mechanical watches initially served a grave need in precision timekeeping required to carry out various activities. However, this is not the case now.

The timepiece that you wear is that small window you hold on your wrist that with a single glance allows a peek into your personality and life. Knowing the basic elements of a timepiece so as to purchase one that matches your personality, character, lifestyle, and taste is hence so very important.

Given below are some of the few major points to remember while purchasing a luxury watch that resonates the best with your personality.

Pick Your Luxury Brand

Luxury watches are expensive things, and there’s no way around them. And every penny should be worth it. Moreover, it is a mindful investment — an heirloom that will stay with you, on your wrist, ticking away forever. The best advice to give to a person on a journey towards his first luxury watch would be to stay true to his style.

Choose a design that fits your style and wardrobe. Be mindful while selecting the size of your luxury watch. Most people always become a victim to the latest fads and end up purchasing timepieces that do not suit them very well or are too large for regular wear.

The luxury watch industry showcases a wide range of brands with rich and varied histories, each, with excellent devotion to quality. Take some time out to research various brands, their histories, and the other aspects that inspire them to determine the brand that you associate with.

For instance, if you’re a keen sportsperson, you may want to study the history of luxury sports watches. Omega has always been the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Besides, Breguet built one of the oldest timepieces in the history of timekeeping with distinguished clients such as Louis XVI, his queen Marie-Antoinette, and the queen of Naples.

Choose a Movement that Suits You

The movement of the engine of a timepiece is known as its caliber. This internal mechanism is the fuel of the luxury timepiece that allows the movement of the hands and enables complications such as annual calendar, chronograph, etc. There are several movements developed by watch manufacturers, however, each of them fits into one of either — Mechanical or Quartz.

  1. Quartz

Quartz is a well-known timekeeping technology. Quartz luxury watches are battery-powered and are mostly lower in terms of their costs as they have fewer moving parts. Quartz watches are easy to maintain and are an extremely reliable movement that loses only a few seconds every month.

Even though this movement isn’t as renowned as the mechanical movement among watch fanatics, one may still incline towards the quartz movement because of a lot of reasons. This includes ease of use, affordability, and fewer time adjustments.

The top Swiss brands do build timepieces with a quartz movement with extremely strict quality standards.

  1. Mechanical 

The mainspring that must be wound to store energy is the key aspect of a mechanical movement. When the mainspring unwinds, it releases energy to move the gears that further allow for a timepiece to operate. This movement, developed by expert watch manufacturers includes a complex series of tiny elements that work in synchronization the way every watch did before the age of the battery-powered watch.

With so many options to choose from and complications available today, every mechanical movement is a piece of remarkable craftsmanship. The one that will last several generations. The best choice for those who appreciate the European tradition of building beautiful and complex timekeeping machines.

Even though a mechanical movement is not as precise as the quartz movement, today’s technological upgrades allow far more accuracy than ever before. Additionally, mechanical movements further break down to manual and automatic and manual.

Automatic movements are more famous since they are self-winding and capture energy through the natural motion of your wrist. On the other hand, manual hand-wound movements are for the traditionalists with the pretty display of the watch that can be viewed through the case-back.

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