Casio’s Enticer and Edifice Ranges

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Casio’s Enticer and Edifice Ranges

Casio Computer Co. Ltd., a multinational electronics manufacturer, is a Japanese corporation. As a brand in the watch market, Casio needs no introduction. The company has taken watch-wearing to different levels altogether, shattering the concept of wrist watches as a person’s fashion accessory that needs constant babying. Casio has multiple wristwatch ranges, all of which appeal to various people and their fancies. Today, we take a look at a couple of their wristwatch ranges, namely the Enticer and the Edifice.

Casio Enticer

Casio’s Enticer range of wristwatches may appear to be delicate, highly expensive, and suitable only for places where you’d find wine and rose petals, but this would be judging a book by its cover. In reality, the Casio Enticer range comprises tough timepieces that can be worn almost anywhere you’d like.

The Casio Enticer range proves that looks can be deceptive. You can wear these two to a boardroom, the pool parlour, or even a turf track. Casio has leveraged the latest technologies to come up with this range of ‘Everyday & Always Attractive’, which is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

The entire idea behind the Casio Enticer range is to provide ‘Everyday Casual Living with Style and Elegance’ minus any exorbitant costs. The Enticer series covers various styles as well; there are models suited for banquets, and then others for a sportier look. There are multiple dial designs to choose from as well; starting from a simple dial, retrograde chronographs, three-hand formats, to multifunctions.

Casio also provides its customers with the option of sombre and elegant shades, to vibrant colours with its Enticer range. Fabric, steel, resin, and leather, each a complete eye catcher!

Casio Edifice

Casio’s Edifice range is another extremely popular range of wristwatches with many admirers. This range of wristwatches is particularly designed to attract customers from professional careers. Edifice watches comprise multiple functions such as world time, multiple alarms, and multiple dials, among others.

Edifice watches make use of Tough Solar, which is Casio’s brand name for batteries that are solar-powered. These watches can range from a basic chronograph to more advanced models that comprise computerized movements. Some of the advanced models are known to calibrate themselves via radio waves with atomic clocks.

A sliver of all the models of the Edifice range also have BlueTooth connectivity that enables owners to monitor the watches through their mobile phones, which allows the sharing of chronograph data. The displays of the Edifice range of wristwatches can range from a simple analogue display to a combination of digital and analogue, which is known as ‘Ana-Digi’.


The multiple ranges and lines of Casio wristwatches provides customers with the satisfaction of ample choice. Whether the occasion is a formal one or casual, whether you need something elegant or sporty, Casio knows and provides exactly that for you. Casio ensures that there is always that one watch that they can provide, which their customers will absolutely fall in love with.