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After Sale Services

Authorized Dealer for International and National Brands

Our establishment is recognized and authorized by these prestigious brands to provide genuine products, ensuring customers have access to authentic timepieces with the assurance of quality and warranty.

Well-Trained Technicians for Handling High-End Watches

With a deep understanding of the intricate mechanisms and delicate components of luxury timepieces, our technicians ensure precision in every aspect of maintenance, repair, and servicing.

Refurbishment for Old Watches

Whether it's restoring a vintage timepiece or reviving a sentimental heirloom, our experts undertake meticulous processes to refurbish and enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of each watch.

Thorough Testing during Battery Replacement

Our technicians thoroughly test watches, checking waterproofing, assessing the consumption of the mechanism, and providing customers with detailed advice.

Cleaning and Buffing during Servicing

As part of our watch servicing, we undertake cleaning and buffing to restore the original luster and appearance of the timepiece.

Accuracy Check after Servicing

Post-servicing, we meticulously check the accuracy of the timekeeping in each watch.

One-to-One Contact with the Customer

Our one-to-one contact approach ensures that each customer receives individualized attention, with our staff dedicated to understanding their specific needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Warranty and Post-Service Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with the servicing; we provide robust post-service support. This means that customers can rely on us for any issues or queries even after they have received their serviced watches, reinforcing our dedication to long-term customer satisfaction.

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